OTF New Year’s Countdown to 2018: 10 Great Orangetheory Fitness Moments of 2017

2017 has been another strong year for the OTF Nation, and as we count down 10 of our favorite Orangetheory Fitness moments, we’re feeling ready to take on 2018 and keep burning in the New Year here at OTF Bella-Terra.


Our Orangetheory Fitness Bella-Terra Fit Fam members, coaches, and staff are proud to be part of the OTF Nation every single day. And there’s a lot to be proud of. We’re part of the hottest workout sweeping the nation. We love what we do, we burn hard for our goals, we achieve real results, and there’s no stopping us!


As we close in on the end of 2017 and the beginning of a new year, it’s awesome reflecting on how far we’ve come and everything we’ve achieved.


Count down to the New Year with us as we relive some of the most incredible Orangetheory moments of Year 2017.


10. Times Square Appearance in New York City

Talk about Orange Nation! We loved seeing Orangetheory Fitness and Erin Andrews on a huge digital display in the center of Times Square for the world to see as we rang in 2017 a year ago.

Orangetheory Fitness - Erin Andrews - New York Times Square_copy


9. Raising over $2 million for ALS through Augie’s Quest

It’s stunning what OTFers can do when we work together. Thanks to our caring, compassionate, and driven members, the OTF Nation more than doubled its goal of raising $1 million.

Orangetheory Fitness-Augies 


Orangetheory Fitness also raised over $100,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts through T-shirt donations. We burn for some truly great causes.


Fitness-Hurricane Harvey-Fundraising

Orangetheory Fitness-Houston


8. Getting to Know What You Burn For—and What We Burn For!

Time flies when you’re racking up splat points! It was back in 2016 that Orangetheory Fitness first started asking members what they burn for (i.e., what keeps them motivated to keep burning calories at OTF). Many of us even made and shared “What do you burn for” memes using the meme generator at

We kept the conversation alive in 2017 and added our coaches into the mix (because we’re so inspired by our awesome coaches at OTF Bella-Terra!) We’ve loved learning what our entire Fit Fam burns for and feel pretty great knowing we can all support each other’s goals.

Orangetheory Fitness-Coach-Trainer-Burn For-My Team


7. Intro of the Otbeat Flex

It’s everything we love about an OTF heart rate monitor plus a bold new band that’s extra breathable and flexible. (We’re pretty sure it’s also called the Flex because we love to flex when we’re wearing it.) Just the extra motivation we need to keep burning and keep pushing ourselves into the Orange Zone!

Orangetheory Fitness-Otbeat-Heart Rate Monitor-Workout


6. That Time We Pushed Orange Man Out of an Airplane

We took “PUSH” to new heights in 2017! To kick off our #OTFAdventures contest, Orange Man ventured on an epic skydiving adventure in Canada. Ever feel like OTF gives you more confidence to get out there and live? So do we.

Orangetheory Fitness-

Orange Man-Skydiving

Orangetheory Fitness-

Orange Man-Skydive

The #OTFAdventures contest winner was Blair B. from Canton, Ohio. Blair scaled 14,400 feet to the summit of Mt. Rainier and showed his Orangetheory pride from the top of the world. Not bad!




5. Reaching 1,000 Studios Worldwide

It’s remarkable seeing how much the OTF Nation has grown and continues to grow. We’re part of something big, something real, and something truly special. Did you know you can find Orangetheory Fitness studios in other countries, too—like Australia, Spain, England, Kuwait, and Japan?

Orangetheory Fitness-Orange Nation

We definitely felt the growth and excitement at this year’s OTF convention.



Orangetheory Fitness even moved into a beautiful new corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.




4. Surviving Hell Week and Earning That Shirt

From 28 Reps Later to Thigh-day the Thirteenth, the fun fitness challenges of Hell Week 2017 didn’t disappoint. (But who are we kidding? We did it for the shirt!)

Orangetheory Fitness-Hell Week


3. Every Time We Celebrated a Milestone with our Members

A few of our favorites:

  • Welcoming a new member to the OTF Bella-Terra Fit Fam
  • Awarding Weight Loss Challenge, Dri Tri, and Peak Performance winners
  • Congratulating a member on reaching 100, 500, or even 1,000 workouts


Orangetheory Fitness-Workout-100 Workous


2. That Feeling Every Time We See Members Leave Class with a Smile

We know how tough it is. You’re challenging yourself every time you show up. Your coach encourages you to push a little more—and you do, and you endure, right through to hearing that “Final All Out and we’re done!” You come back for more, you Keep Burning, and it’s so rewarding helping you cross the finish line every time.

Orangetheory Fitness-Workout-Splat


1. Seeing Your Results and Hearing about Your Positive Experience

Orangetheory Fitness is changing lives, and being part of that is what keeps us burning! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come and the incredible transformations you’ve made.


We love showing you your workout stats and seeing you share them on Facebook. We love when you let us know about everything else that’s going right in life—from active vacations and time with the kids to having the endurance, strength, power, and confidence to run your first marathon.

Orangetheory Fitness-Workout-Stats

Thank you for letting us be part of your journey!


Bring On the New Year!

A few of the items on our countdown will keep going strong through 2018 and beyond, and it’s hard to say what else the future will bring—but we know it’s bright for the OTF Nation, and we’re sure we’ll make some great new memories with our incredible Orangetheory Fitness Bella-Terra Fit Fam.

We’re ready to start 2018 strong and keep burning for better lives. To those who haven’t joined yet, our doors our open: schedule a free workout, see what we’re all about, and get ready for a New You in the New Year.